Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What you're about to read took me under an hour to write. Top to bottom. I hadn't been thinking about this before....it just fucking happened and I don't mind saying I'm fucking proud of this.

Cogito ergo sum : I think therefore I am.
Cogito ergo rum. : I drink therefore I am. 
Cogito Fargo sum : I think darntootin' I am.
Cogito ergo Spam : I pink therefore I ham ?
Coolio ergo sum : I dank therefore I am. 
Cagedo ergo sum : I shank before I slam. 
Congresso ergo sum : I blink therefore I scam.
 Quahogito ergo hum : I stink therefore I clam.
Cogito ergo huh? : I think therefore I am....I think....
Cyclopo ergo sum : I wink therefore I am.
Cogito lingo sum : Methinks perchance one is.
Cogito dingo sum : I reckon . too bloody right I am, mate.
Cogito bingo sum I think therefore I....four under the I. I - 4.


raw poetry by donna snyder said...

I saw this link on a comment on Kim Bradford's page on FB. Glad I followed the link-better than caffeine to wake me from torpor.

Iulia Flame said...

Smile. Donna said it: Cogito ergo pun.