Monday, July 08, 2013

y thoughts upon seeing Man of Steel :

First, the annoyingly specific questions:

Why would a major newspaper still rely on a photocopier ? (Unless it was only used as an excuse o flash the word "ALERT" on the screen, because, everyone knows the sense of dread and panic that a Toner alert causes....)

If Kryptonians were engineered for purpose and function, why the mid-Atlantic accent for Jor-El ? Or the vaguely Teetonic accent of the bald geezer who interrogates Kal-El. (Said bald fellow is played by my friend, Mackenzie Gray)

If "Evolution always wins..." as the female Kryptonian soldier alleges, then, shouldn't Kal-El be treated with a touch more respect ? He is, after all, the only true remaining case of Kryptonian evolution ?

Is the blogger that Lois Lane "leaks" the story to named Woodburn as a reference to Woodward and Bernstein ?

Seriously...the internet, desktop publishing, Rss feeds.....why a photocopier ?!?
One answer should suffice : It's fantasy. Relax.

Also, Martha's current dog is named Dorothy. Kansas - Dorothy. I see what they did there.

On the whole, an enjoyable movie. Costner is used to great effect. I think it's generally good to avoid casting him in high concept roles...especially if the role calls for an accent. Of ANY kind. I can watch Diane Lane in pretty much anything, so..good call there. Final verdict : Man of Substance:2 - Man of Style: 3.A narrow victory for the wrong Man. Although, at least the film has an ending that even Pete Townshend might enjoy. Or at least hear.

Although they exist in separate Comic universes, how awesome would it be to have a sequence where J.Jonah Jameson and Perry White have a classic Testy Boss-Off ? I guess I'll have to wait for the unsuccessful movie which will be turned into a Broadway musical and then returned to a high budget movie musical. Because that is probably still a thing...

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